Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sew Weekly Reunion Challenge - Complete!

Yup, by the skin of my teeth and at the eleventh hour, 'tis done!

 I think I'm supposed to start off with The Facts, so here they are:

Fabric:  Cotton sateen. (Haven't worked with this before - loved it)

Notions:  Zip, button.

Pantone Challenge Colours:  Mykonos Blue and Deep Lichen Green.
(The blue in the photos has come out a whole lot lighter than it actually is IRL. Plus the green can look quite brown next to the blue - on its own it's definitely green... You'll just have to take my word on that!)

Pattern:  Salme Sewing Patterns Peplum Top. (Adapted to dress)

Time To Complete:  About 6 hours.

First Worn: Not yet! But will be worn to a high tea for a bride-to-be later this month :)

Wear Again? Yes! I'm thinking I can dress this up or down, so hopefully it'll get a few airings. It's a fairly classic style, which means it should be good for several years.

Total Cost:  I already had the pattern, which helped. The fabric was on special for $6 a metre (used 3) and the lining cost $6. Zip was $2.50, and buttons (pk 6) were $4. So, total cost was $30.50. 
I left my involvement in this challenge up to to chance a bit - I REALLY wanted to do it, but August was a ridiculously busy month. Sc I'd decided I'd only jump in if I could find fabric in the right colours. When I saw this striped sateen I remembered one of my pins on Pinterest:

Love! I already had and had made up the peplum top, so had sorted out the fit and adjustments. The skirt, since it had to fit in with the stripes, was simply two rectangles sewn together and gathered to fit at the waist. Finding the fabric and having the adjusted pattern were the only reasons I was able to get this done on time!

I like it. I did have some trouble with the zip at first - aligning the stripes was tricky on the machine. In fact, it didn't work at all. So I ended up unpicking and then hand sewing it in, which was much neater. Though it wasn't without gritted teeth and a few "I don't have time for this" snarls!

I had planned for this to be my dress for the wedding I'm sewing for at the moment. (That was one more way to justify being involved!) But now I'm not sure. I keep coming back to another Pinterest pin....

(Insert sigh of delight here...) Think it'll come down to whether I can track down emerald lace... We'll see!

One question for all you stylists out there: What colour shoes would you wear with this stripey dress? I don't like black; they look a bit "heavy". I tend to go for neutral shoes generally, but Deep Lichen Green is quite tricky to match. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Have a wonderful week :)

Danielle  oxo


  1. Your dress is beautiful, fits perfectly. I'm on the lookout for a neutral shoe, exactly like you I need something that will go with tricky colours. I have a high peep-toe pair that are just the colour but am really struggling to find something comparable for cooler weather. I've given up online - the different permutations for 'nude' shoes is staggering! If it's any use, I'm carrying a little swatch of said 'tricky' fabrics in my bag - I will find the perfect shoe!

    1. Thank you! And I love your swatch idea - I'll have to adopt that one :)

  2. It's very chic! You sound like me struggling to get it done in time. It's hard to be certain of the green shade on my screen, but I'd go with hot pink, just like in your inspiration pic, with a hot pink bag and chunky bead necklace. Gorgeous, bright and modern! You might have tried this with your stripe/zip difficulty but maybe basting it by hand at a couple of points might have made it easier? I often find I installing a zip across a seam that has to be matched the second side shifts, so basting or at least marking ith chalk makes it a little easier. Anyway, I think it's wonderful!

    1. Ooh and looking at it again maybe a little thin pink belt! :)

    2. I would never have thought of that (even with the inspiration pic...) I usually play it pretty safe with accessories, but you've got me thinking now!
      You're right about the hand basting - I should definitely have done that first. Serves me right for leaving it to the last minute and cutting corners :/

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  3. I love this dress, it looks fabulous! I definitely think you need to go for the emerald green one next. It is beautiful!
    As for shoes..... Do a Princess Kate and go for nude!

  4. canary yellow pumps!

    your dress is tres gorgeous. and i hope you do the emerald green, because you knocked this pinspiration out of the park :)