Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Head vs Heart Skirt

Well, hello! We're back with the first make of 2013 - my Head vs Heart Skirt. I used New Look 6899, which is pretty much a full circle skirt, adjusting the waistband so it sat on the natural waistline, and adding about 3" to View C/E's length.

I've dubbed it Head vs Heart because the whole process of making it triggered off a bit of an internal war. Let me explain...

It all started with the trip to the fabric store - which really was only to stock up on some basic notions (if only to prove to myself that I do indeed have will power....) Maybe you can relate to the following scene:

Dani's Head:  (Sternly) Now remember, we're just here to get overlocker thread and pins, ok?

Dani's Heart: (Defensively) I know that! I'm just looking. Jeez...

Head:  So long as we're both clear...What's that?

(Both turn to look at fabric table, which appears to be emitting celestial music)

Heart: (Reverently whispering) Ohhhhh...look!

Head:  No. No, no, no, no no! We are not buying any fabric today!

Heart: But look at the print!

Head:  It's yellow.

Heart:  I LOVE yellow!

Head: You can't wear yellow.

Heart: Maybe I could...It's just a matter of finding the right shade...

Head:  You. Can't. Wear. Yellow.

Heart:  But look how happy and summery it is! And think how happy and summery we'd feel wearing it!

Head:  It's polyester.

Heart:  Don't be such a fabric snob. That just gives it lovely drape. (waving roll back and forth) Look at the drape! It's like it's dancing!

Head:  Stop that. Polyester = sweaty. You know that.

Heart: (Sudden inspiration) We could make a skirt! A lovely, swishy, summery skirt! No sweating in a skirt...

Head: (Cautious, but intrigued) A skirt, hey? Ok, let's think about this.

Heart:  Buythefabricbuythefabricbuythefabricbuythefabricbuythefabrisbuythefabricbuythefabricbuythefabric

Head:  You know, that might just work. Maybe if we... (breaks off, realising that Heart is already at counter, slapping money down and doing a Happy Dance. Calling across shop) Oh, alright then - but don't say I didn't warn you!

Thus it began. (Out of curiosity, I'm not the only one who has these faintly disturbing Smeagol-Gollum style episodes in fabric shops, am I? Surely??)

So who was right, Head or Heart? Well, in the final analysis, the honours were just about even.

In Head's favour, this was a misery to actually sew! The fabric was slippery and sulky (yes, fabric does sulk), and did all kinds of strange shrinking under the iron (which is weird in itself, since I've long since decided that my iron's advertised Anti-Burn Technology is in fact simply that it never gets hot enough to actually press anything properly). You might be able to see the post-ironing misshaped waistband in the photos... And why (why??) when I know I cut it out exactly right, was the skirt hem uneven by as much as 15cm in places? Head felt very smug at this point. Heart flounced off to eat ice cream.

Still, we persevered. After a concerted effort, the hem was wrestled into submission (see first photo; the wind picked up a bit in the second), and while the waistband is still uneven, I figured if the tie hangs down at that point it can barely be noticed.

So then, in Heart's favour this is really lovely to wear - just as happy and summery as anticipated. I've worn it twice now, and both times gotten compliments by people who didn't know I'd made it.

Both head and heart play a vital role in sewing decisions! Knowledge and experience (good and bad) help avoid ending up with disappointing FOs, but never making room for those patterns or fabrics that get your pulse racing a little faster would ultimately turn sewing into a bit of a chore. It's meant to be fun, after all! Maybe I should call it my Head / Heart Skirt. I've also learned that my Heart is apparently a three year old child. C'est la vie!

Have a wonderful week :)