Thursday, May 14, 2015

Me Made May '15 - Week Two

It's hard to believe we're pretty much halfway through May, but there you are. Time for the second week's round up, and the pledge's running tally:
  • Ten days of MM Outfits: 7 so far
  • Ten days of at least two garments: 6 so far
  • eleven days of at least one garment: 1 so far
There are a few favourites in this lot. (Mostly unblogged as yet, but we'll get there eventually)
Day 8:  (Outfit)

Top:  Drafted from a favourite RTW jumper. I think I love this even more than the original... Not yet blogged.
Skirt:  New Look 6107, my Nostalgia Skirt.

I really must remember not to stand here on sunny mornings...

Day 9:  (Outfit)

Anorak: Style Arc Romy. Since I'm always quick to point out to myself and any readers here all the flaws and shortcomings of my projects, I guess it's also acceptable to say when I'm really, really proud of one. That would be this one! Will blog it soon.
Top: (not seen) Deer and Doe Plantain.
Leggings: Style Arc Wallis Pant: Still not blogged two years after making, but easily the most worn make of mine ever.
Cowl: Gaptastic Cowl. Finished recently, worn frequently, unblogged - naturally.
Beanie: Winter Trails.

Morning spent watching junior sport outdoors. Felt warmly and appropriately dressed :)

Today gave me a real sense of progress. Two years ago during my first MMM this beanie was the only self-made garment I wore on one of the days; just couldn't rustle up anything else. This time around it's one of five, making up a full outfit. I'm positive I'm not the only one who can focus more on all that hasn't been made or achieved, so it's a good reminder to stop occasionally and give myself a "well done you". Just sayin'...

Day 10: (Two garments)

Jumper: New favourite! Simple All-Age Raglan Sweater, with pattern on front taken from a cross-stitch design. yarn rescued from previous massive fail, so technically a refashion! Took forever, but very happy with it.
Shirt: Simplicity 2447. Not yet blogged. (excellent wardrobe staple.)

Day 11: (Two garments)

Shirt:  Style Arc Safari Sam Overshirt. Funny thing is, I listed this as one of last year's fails in my summary, but it's grown on me. I actually pull it out a lot on home days. Never say never...
Top:  Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee. For the record, I lived in this over summer. Comfort food in garment form. :)

Day 12: (Two garments)

Dress: Vogue 1152. Not yet blogged so won't expand on it here, but I do believe I've actually achieved a year-round dress with this one :)
Tee: SBCC Tonic. Very useful. So much so I'm thinking I'll go back and redo the neckband.

After seeing this photo I went and checked my tights - in real life they're the same colour as the shoes. Weird...

Day 13: (Outfit)

Jumper: Roam Tunic
Top: SBCC Tonic 2. NYB, great new-to-me pattern.
Leggings: Style Arc Wallis Pant.

Day 14: (Two garments)

Jumper: Honey by Amy Miller
Top: (Not seen but there) New Look 6899

I can't decide whether this is a bit of a cheat day - I did knit the jumper, but it's my daughter's, not mine. I know I'll never get around to blogging it, given the backlog of my own projects, so this is a way of acknowledging its existence. (Her Avocado Hoodie may make an appearance at some stage for the same reason...) After seeing this photo I can confirm that yellow is much more flattering on her than me ;)

So, halfway there! I'm already losing motivation in the daily photo taking (as you can see from the above) but I'm pretty happy with my overall tally. To last week's realisations I can also add the need for pjamas - I have an awful suspicion a day in bed/on couch may soon be necessary. It's altogether possible that any "clothes-on-the-floor" photos next time will have been due not to forgetfulness but rather vanity...

Till next week, then :)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Me Made May '15 - Week One

Well, I'm a couple of days late on this first roundup (is that a bad sign, I wonder??), but I have at least been keeping up with my Me Made May pledge, namely:

  • ten days of fully self-made outfits  (four days so far)
  • ten days of at least two self-made garments   (two days...)
  • rest of time at least one item.          (one...)
And, I've already discovered some problems with said pledge! More on that later, although they'll start to be apparent fairly soon; here are the first week's photos:

Day 1: (Two garments)

Skirt: New Look 6107 - yup, still going strong, still wearing it year-round.
Shirt: Simplicity 2447. Sleeveless version, not yet blogged.

Realised today that a black cardigan needs to go on the future project list.

Day 2. (Outfit! though still, technically just two garments...)

Trackies: True Bias Hudson Pants. And starting to look a just a wee bit "loved". Fine for comfy home days, but will be needing a replacement fairly soon for any comfy away days...
Top: Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee. Not yet blogged, but probably won't be tbh. (Although I did discover while making it that my overlocker can do a blind hem.)

Day 3. (One garment. Although 95% of the outfit...)

Jumpsuit:  Style Arc Carly Jumpsuit. Not yet blogged. Gah - so far behind on the posted project front :/
Day 4:  (Outfit. Again, two garments...)

Top: Style Arc Tammy Top.
Pants: Simplicity 1887.

Weather has been kind so far, but this may be the last of the summery shots...

Day 5:  (Outfit. Two garments...)

Jumper: Beatnik jumper. My dear Old Faithful. Ravelry link here
Dress: Style Arc Jacinta Dress. For an intended summer dress, this really gets way too much winter air time...And boy, was it wintry today!

Day 6: (Two garments)

Jacket: Knit kimono drafted from existing RTW.
Top:  Style Arc Rowe Top.

Unexpected home day today. Realised my me made wardrobe really does need more warm comfy wear. This was only wearable indoors - which you can kind of tell by the tense and huddled stance.

Day 7: (Outfit. Three items!)

There's really no excuse - only seven days in! - but I completely forgot to take a photo. But, to appease posterity:
Cardigan: Aidez. Ravelry link here.
Top:  SBCC Tonic Tee.
Pants: Hudsons, as on Day 2.

Another unexpected home day. But much cosier today :)

It became evident early on that this year's pledge is somewhat problematic! Obviously, self-made outfits are the goal, but I don't know that phrasing it in numerical terms was the most useful way to go about it. A dress (or jumpsuit) is just one item, but it can be the whole outfit. And on three of my four full outfit days I was only wearing two self-made garments... I'll keep to it, but next year's pledge will require further thought.

I've already noted some specific gaps in the wardrobe:

  • Cardigans or jackets: While I've built up my collection of summer basics, those alone aren't much good in cooler weather. On reflection, during the last two winters since I've been sewing for myself I've had two huge projects, the wedding and the school production, so really haven't got a great selection of cold weather layering gear. A few cardigans or jackets would be helpful.

  • Singlets or tanks: Again, in order to layer for warmth, but in this case underneath!

  • Comfy and warm home wear - it's only been a week, but oh! how I missed having a hoodie on hand! I do have a couple of patterns on hand, so this may have to scoot up the queue.
So, some food for thought, and some useful direction for future sewing.

Are you participating in MMM this year? Have you pinpointed any gaps yet?