Thursday, February 14, 2013

Still Light Fail

Hello again :) I can't tell you how deflating it is that my first ever post on knitting is recording for posterity such a horrendously unflattering item. I was so excited about this one, too! You can find the pattern on Ravelry here. Maybe go and have a look now, before my attempt puts you off for good.

In others people's project notes this looked so cosy and effortless - the kind of rare, friend-for-life piece you can run around in all day looking great, all the while feeling as comfy as if you were actually wearing pj's. AND it was top-down, seamless knitting, which I really wanted to learn. Add to this the fact that my favourite online yarn shop was having a sale on Cascade Heritage Silk (so soft! so sheeny!), and I was hooked.

Somewhere in all the excitement I lost sight of the truth that A-line dresses have never, ever suited me.

A-line skirts? Absolutely. But dresses? Not in this lifetime. And here's the evidence:

 Wrong. So very, very wrong! A big, fat thumbs down, all round. (Even taking the photos was miserable - it's so hot here. I realise that might sound whiny and unappreciative to any of you Northern Hemispher-ians shivering through your icy winter. But it's barely dipped below 30 degrees for 3 months now, with no rain to speak of and my garden reproaches me every time I walk out the door. I've never been more ready for Autumn...But I digress.) The thought of frogging three months of work is frankly too much to contemplate yet. I will eventually, though - the yarn's too sublime not to be used for something wearable. So, the silver lining? 
  •  I've learned  how to do top-down, seamless knitting. Love it.
  • I suddenly have four skeins worth of very lovely silk yarn in my stash.
  • As dreadful as the finished item is, I spent many happy hours knitting it while watching the Little Dorrit box set. And North and South. And Pride and Prejudice. Blissful.
So it's not all bad, I guess. I've got a few friends expecting babies next month, so I might concentrate on some smaller projects for a bit. And maybe skulk around on Ravelry for new inspiration. 

In happier news, look what arrived in the mail today: the pattern I've chosen for the Sew For Victory 40s Sewalong

I've always loved making period costumes, but have only ever done them for theatre productions or fancy dress nights. Much as I love the vintage head-to-toe look that some bloggers out there do so well, I'm not sure I could pull it off with the same enviable finesse - I'd just feel like I was playing dress ups! Besides, I'd have trouble settling on just one era.  

What I really love though is the idea of taking a vintage or vintage-inspired piece and finding ways to make it work with today's wardrobe. That inspires me. And when I saw this dress (3/4 sleeves version) I could see myself actually wearing and loving it. 

So, this'll be my first sewalong. Very exciting! Now, I just have to find the right fabric... 

Have a wonderful week :)


  1. Oh gosh! There's nothing worse than something not turning out as you'd envisioned! That's so disappointing! Still. At least you can reuse the yarn!

    And I LOVE your 40's inspiration dress! That crossover/triangular shapes bodice is just beautiful! And those pleats! I can't wait to see what you do with this! Will you be doing the turban too? :)

    1. No, thought I'd the turban a miss this time... ;)

  2. What if you added 3/4 leggings, with red belt, red shoes and a bold necklace, brooch or scarf? Seems a shame to waste all that hard work! Or even really fancy leggings / tights with a belt and bracelet/bangle.
    Arrgh - I'm feeling your pain.

  3. Hmmmm, those are really good ideas! Maybe I've been a bit hasty in dismissing it. Thanks! Definite food for thought there...

  4. Hi Danielle, I found your blog via a comment you left on Nessa's. The sleeves look good on your knit, so it would be a shame to let it go to waste. Nessa's accessories option is a great idea. Otherwise have you considered some steeking to change the shape? I knit a too big jumper once and spent ages looking up steeking, but just couldn't muster the courage to cut into my knit - but maybe you are braver?!
    Good luck with the Sew For Victory, you've picked a lovely pattern.

  5. Oh, I hadn't thought of steeking! That's an intriguing (if spooky) thought...Might have to have a talk with Mr Google.
    Your blog is inspiring, by the way! A year or two ago we moved onto a bit of land with Grand Plans for growing our own food - I'm so impressed by your garden. I'll be following from now on :) (And I hear you on the cockatoos - the wretches took a bite out of every single cherry on our tree this season. Must net tree earlier next time...)