Saturday, May 31, 2014

Me Made May '14: Week Four (and a bit) Round Up

Well, Me Made May is done and dusted for another year...which is just long enough for me to forget how tired I get of the whole daily photo thing ;) I'm not the only one out there, I'm sure! Although Rachel had a nice perspective on it here.

Here's the last week-and-a-bit:

22nd May:

Refashioned linen dress, made a few years ago and still very much loved and in circulation. Semi-blogged here. Hair was wet and drying in a weird shape, but everyone was leaving for school so no time for vanity. Our puppy seems to be developing an unexpected talent for photobombing; she keeps running up whenever she sees the camera come out. (At least one of us likes being in front of the camera, anyhow...)

23rd May:

Here's a favourite that didn't get a showing last May - My Head vs Heart skirt. My ultimate example of print-love winning out over natural-fibres-love. Haven't ever worn this as a winter outfit before, and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks, MMM!

24th May:

A bit of slightly frantic evening knitting had this finished for May - just! This is the Aidez Cardigan by Cirilia Rose. Love, love, love, love, love it - especially the back.(Confession: was slightly too warm today, but ignored discomfort.) Will blog soon...

25th May:

A Two Make Day! Which brings total to eight. Style Arc's Jacinta Maxi Dress, seen as the actual dress this time (Not Yet Blogged), and my self-drafted kimono jacket. The fact that this kimono has only appeared the once makes me think that MMM is a little misleading when it comes to judging what I actually wear. This is usually one of my most frequently worn makes, but I'm trying to let everything have its own MMM turn. Glorious Autumn day today.

26th May:

Ninth day of Two Makes - self drafted knit kimono, and refashioned tank. I don't love this combination. I think the kimono, being so voluminous looks better with something a bit more fitted underneath. I don't hate it though, and it was actually very conducive to crawling around on my hands and knees most of the day cutting out school production costumes. So, not a fail :)

27th May:

I do love this though: my modified version of Burda 7494. It's quite a heavy broderie anglais and it's lined, so it works well when layered in cooler weather. It got a bit of love on Flickr too, which was nice.

28th May:

I'd been waiting for a day cold enough for this! Roam Tunic, blogged here, and my Style Arc Wallis ponte pants/leggings. (NYB, probably won't be, unless I have a sewing drought). This was probably my favourite me-made outfit last winter. So cozy and comfy, without necessarily looking it, if you know what I mean... And that's the tenth day of two-make days! Huzzah!

29th May:

This is one of those quiet achiever makes. Style Arc's Rowe top, blogged here. It's unassuming, and unspectacular, but it always feels exactly right when it's on. Just the right amount of warmth, drape and fit. That's wool jersey for you! It'll be a friend for years - I must make some more. And a moment's silence please for my favourite jeans which, after months of threatening to, finally split just under the butt right after this photo... :( Although seven years is a pretty good innings for jeans...maybe I'll unpick them and use the pieces as a pattern to make another pair. When God closes a door...

30th May:

Refashioned dress, blogged here. And my Dovetail Cowl. (Eleven days!!) And a posing dog. Told you...

31st May:

Deer and Doe's Plantain Tee (NYB)." "And that," said John, "is that.""

On reflection, I think I've got a good handle on making what I like to wear now, rather than getting swept up in the latest patterns. The wardrobe gaps I found were in pieces that layer well, so future projects will definitely need to include some jackets, cardigans and more knit tops. Pants/trousers need to be tackled too, but I'm feeling a bit more confident in those after some success earlier this month.
One improvement in myself I noticed this time around was feeling more comfortable in wearing what I wanted to wear, rather than what would look more "impressive" in a round up post or Flickr shot. I think it helped that I set the bar so low style-wise on Day One.... ;)

It's a satisfying challenge, isn't it! Have your sewing plans changed as a result of MMM?


  1. Lovely! Congratulations on getting through the whole month!
    Look forward to seeing that gorgeous cardi in more detail too.

    1. Thanks Nessa :) Will blog cardi soon - I have a few catch up posts after my "highly motivated" pre-May sewing!

  2. Great round up, oh I love that yellow skirt on you - so stylish! And the red dress! MMM has forced me to come to terms with my ostrich approach to fly zips. I've got to perfect them otherwise I'll spend the rest of my life in Elle pants!

    1. Well, there are worse things, I guess ;) But I hear pass on any fly-fronts tips you discover - I'm determined to conquer jeans before next May :)

  3. I must say your yellow and white skirt was one of my favourites on Flickr, it's absolutely gorgeous! Well done for getting through to the end!

  4. There's a lot to love in your MMM wardrobe. I like that you have a good mixture of practical and pretty with a bit of print and lace thrown in. Although I'm happy to have a basic and practical wardrobe, I would love a bit more colour and detail, which you showcase very nicely. There's a lot of sewing in my future!

  5. I've loved your entire MMM clothes selection. Well done you.

  6. Hi Danielle, do glad you found it a satisfying experience! I agree, it can be tempted to wear 'wow' garments when you know you'll be sharing the photo with your blog followers or flickr users can't it? Then I think about how comfortable I'm going to be in a jersey top rather than a woven dress haha! You looked awesome each day, have a great year of sewing layers and trousers xx