Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Me Made May '14: Week Three Round Up

Time again for another weekly round up. I got four more two-or-more-makes days in this time around, which takes me up to seven in total so far. Our glorious weather is continuing, so no need for winter woolies just yet. Which is lovely, but it does mean I haven't been able to wear the cosy cardigan I finished just in time for MMM (not panicked knitting, just highly motivated...) There's still a week and a bit to go though, so we may sneak it in yet...

Here's the week:

15th May

Top: Style Arc Rowe Top
Shorts: Pattern Runway's Scalloped Shorts.
Yes, the shorts are too big. But I'm finding them just about perfect for a warm day at home. Comfy, forgiving, and welt-pocketed: too big be damned - they stay :)

 16th May:

Top: Pattern hack of Style Arc's Annie's Cami
Pants: Style Arc's Willow Pant (Not Yet Blogged But Will Soon Because...)
I MADE PANTS! That I'm happy to wear out and about! Very excited. :)

17th May:

Top: Deer and Doe's Plantain Tee.
Trackies: Style Arc's Sunday Walking Pants.
I intended to make more of an effort today, I swear. But I went on a morning beach walk with my daughter, a friend and her daughter (cheerfully wearing Plantain) which started off idyllic and ended with the tide coming in, much rock-climbing, and the occasional hip-deep wave. Was very happy to just pull on me-made comfiness afterward. Besides - this counts as a multi-make wear day now ;)

18th May:

Dress: Refashioned from sari, using Simplicity 4072 as a starting point.
I actually like this better in the photo here than I did wearing it! I'm a bit ambivalent about this dress now. Truth be told, mustard really isn't my colour - though I can just about get away with it with the watermelon red by my face. I didn't pre-wash the cotton lining before sewing it and it pulls uncomfortably over the bust now. Plus, I don't love gathered skirts on me. I was tempted to maybe shorten it into a top, but perhaps I'll let it sit till next summer and see how I feel then. Funny thing is, this got more appreciation than any other of my Flickr photos - go figure!

19th May:

Refashioned blouse.
Love this. Love even more that it's seeing me comfortably through autumn as well as summer. It's one of my most worn makes so far this year.

20th May

Top: Deer and Doe's Plantain Tee (NYB)
Leggings: Style Arc's Wallis Ponte Pant (Still NYB)
A rare impulse buy this, but after the success of my first Plantain, I was wanting to see how it would work in a drapier fabric in more of a tunic length. So when I saw this knit last week I pounced. Very glad I did!

21st May:

Pants: Style Arc's Willow Pant (NYB)
I was so excited by the success of the first pair, that this pair did a queue jump. Finished them last night and wore them today :) Will discuss along with the black pair above in a later post. The top is RTW, but I'm going to try and draft a pattern from it, now that I'm a bit more confident with knit sewing.

So there we are! I think I can pull together three more two-me-makes outfits over the next ten days, so we're on track there. And I've realised a few things this past week, namely:

  • Future (winter) sewing needs to focus on separates rather than dresses. In particular, jackets, cardigans, knit tops and pants. I'm so much more inclined towards dresses in summer than winter.
  • I'm happiest wearing the the things I sew that fall within my preferred colour palette (yes it sounds obvious, but who hasn't been swayed in a fabric store before??)
  • I can stop reproaching myself for buying too many Style Arc patterns. I actually went through my me-makes to check - I was positive I'd made more of a range of designers/pattern companies! I had, but almost exclusively those things were either for summer or formal wear. For everyday wear, the Style Arc designs just suit me in fit and style. So when you're on a good thing... 

How are you finding MMM? Have you been making any helpful discoveries?


  1. Great range of outfits, and you've snuck some lovely new things in! I'm looking forward to your review of the style arc pants. How good is this weather? It's so nice to be able to adapt some summer things t autumn outfits!

    1. Isn't it though! It's made May a whole lot easier :)

  2. Yay pants! I actually whipped up another pair of SyleARC Elle pants this week as well. I really like her pants patterns, but it's so expensive for me to ship to the US... I've been waiting for something new that I just have to have so I can justify order a bunch off my wish list.

    1. I do the same thing! Although the postage isn't nearly so steep for me, I know. Which makes a nice change actually - usually the shoe's on the other foot :) I keep hearing wonderful things about the Elle Pants; look forward to seeing yours!

  3. You are making this look so easy this year! Can't wait to hear about the pants, they look great! I haven't tried any of Style Arc's patterns so far, but they seem to work well for you!

    For what it's worth, I love your sari dress, nd think it looks great with the red cardigan, but it's more important that you feel good in it!

    1. Thanks! Maybe it's just that the first glow of creation has worn off, and I'm more aware of the flaws now...;)

  4. Wow another impressive round up here. Loving that Plantain, looks so comfy. Looking forward to hearing about those trousers. (tee hee... still can't get used to calling them pants!!!!)

    1. Ha! I keep forgetting that "pants" means something else over there... ;)

  5. Looking great Danielle! So pleased that the shorts have been kept and are making themselves useful and loved!