Thursday, May 14, 2015

Me Made May '15 - Week Two

It's hard to believe we're pretty much halfway through May, but there you are. Time for the second week's round up, and the pledge's running tally:
  • Ten days of MM Outfits: 7 so far
  • Ten days of at least two garments: 6 so far
  • eleven days of at least one garment: 1 so far
There are a few favourites in this lot. (Mostly unblogged as yet, but we'll get there eventually)
Day 8:  (Outfit)

Top:  Drafted from a favourite RTW jumper. I think I love this even more than the original... Not yet blogged.
Skirt:  New Look 6107, my Nostalgia Skirt.

I really must remember not to stand here on sunny mornings...

Day 9:  (Outfit)

Anorak: Style Arc Romy. Since I'm always quick to point out to myself and any readers here all the flaws and shortcomings of my projects, I guess it's also acceptable to say when I'm really, really proud of one. That would be this one! Will blog it soon.
Top: (not seen) Deer and Doe Plantain.
Leggings: Style Arc Wallis Pant: Still not blogged two years after making, but easily the most worn make of mine ever.
Cowl: Gaptastic Cowl. Finished recently, worn frequently, unblogged - naturally.
Beanie: Winter Trails.

Morning spent watching junior sport outdoors. Felt warmly and appropriately dressed :)

Today gave me a real sense of progress. Two years ago during my first MMM this beanie was the only self-made garment I wore on one of the days; just couldn't rustle up anything else. This time around it's one of five, making up a full outfit. I'm positive I'm not the only one who can focus more on all that hasn't been made or achieved, so it's a good reminder to stop occasionally and give myself a "well done you". Just sayin'...

Day 10: (Two garments)

Jumper: New favourite! Simple All-Age Raglan Sweater, with pattern on front taken from a cross-stitch design. yarn rescued from previous massive fail, so technically a refashion! Took forever, but very happy with it.
Shirt: Simplicity 2447. Not yet blogged. (excellent wardrobe staple.)

Day 11: (Two garments)

Shirt:  Style Arc Safari Sam Overshirt. Funny thing is, I listed this as one of last year's fails in my summary, but it's grown on me. I actually pull it out a lot on home days. Never say never...
Top:  Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee. For the record, I lived in this over summer. Comfort food in garment form. :)

Day 12: (Two garments)

Dress: Vogue 1152. Not yet blogged so won't expand on it here, but I do believe I've actually achieved a year-round dress with this one :)
Tee: SBCC Tonic. Very useful. So much so I'm thinking I'll go back and redo the neckband.

After seeing this photo I went and checked my tights - in real life they're the same colour as the shoes. Weird...

Day 13: (Outfit)

Jumper: Roam Tunic
Top: SBCC Tonic 2. NYB, great new-to-me pattern.
Leggings: Style Arc Wallis Pant.

Day 14: (Two garments)

Jumper: Honey by Amy Miller
Top: (Not seen but there) New Look 6899

I can't decide whether this is a bit of a cheat day - I did knit the jumper, but it's my daughter's, not mine. I know I'll never get around to blogging it, given the backlog of my own projects, so this is a way of acknowledging its existence. (Her Avocado Hoodie may make an appearance at some stage for the same reason...) After seeing this photo I can confirm that yellow is much more flattering on her than me ;)

So, halfway there! I'm already losing motivation in the daily photo taking (as you can see from the above) but I'm pretty happy with my overall tally. To last week's realisations I can also add the need for pjamas - I have an awful suspicion a day in bed/on couch may soon be necessary. It's altogether possible that any "clothes-on-the-floor" photos next time will have been due not to forgetfulness but rather vanity...

Till next week, then :)


  1. I love all your outfits ! but that jacquard jumper … wow … I want that - looks amazing!

  2. That raglan sweater is fabulous. It is hard to find the motivation to keep photographing but you can do it . Keep going. xx

  3. Your jumper is incredible, I thought at a quick glance that it was a printed fabric! You're a clever one! And a year round dress - intriguing! I think I've just hit upon a year round skirt this week.....