Friday, May 3, 2013

Me Made May '13 - Week One

Well, how much fun is Me Made May?! I'm giving myself full licence to be enthusiastic now, because I imagine by about the midway point I'm going to be feeling just a touch desperate! Unless of course I get through what I strongly suspect is an overly optimistic to-sew pile of projects...

I've had a look at some other people's round ups and I think I'll go with a similar format for weekly round ups. So here 'tis!

Day 1:

Skirt: Avian Ginger
Cardigan: Thrifted (Cashmere! Woo hoo!)
Everything Else: RTW.
This looks like a pose, but it was actually distraction - making sure the boys were still getting ready for school! (too many other more appealing options...)

Day 2: (and about 10 degrees warmer! It's not just Melbourne that gets four seasons in a day...)

Blouse: Refashioned summery blouse.
Everything else: RTW (that cardi's been a friend for thirteen years now)

Day 3:

Dress: Refashioned, not blogged.
Everything else: RTW.

This dress is a favourite, in fact it's what got me into refashioning in the first place, about two years ago. It's a printed linen, very "folky", and it's the print I loved on sight. See?

(Mmmm.....folky....)The style however was a disaster on me: straight, shapeless bodice, high waist, and gathered skirt, with a tulle petticoat underneath. On some people this looks lovely: me, it just seems to strip of any shape. It's the 12 year old boy syndrome, and not in a supermodel-lack-of-curves-kind-of-way. Just in a.....12 year old boy kind of way.

So I separated the top from the skirt, and sewed darts in the front and back to give it some shaping. I got rid of the petticoat and ironed out the gathers. Then I made pleats in the front and back, matching them up with the bodice darts, and sewed it all back together. The 'sleeves' are cap, but as as extension of the bodice rather than separate pieces, and didn't need any adjusting.

It's been a really versatile wardrobe addition. It's short enough to wear over jeans (as here) or leggings, tunic-style, but not so short that it can't be worn as a dress with sandals in summer. (After my legs have seen a bit of sun, that is.). Gotta love the wardrobe multi-taskers!

So there we are. I'm quite enjoying the challenge of making my largely summery own-makes more Autumn-suitable. And I've discovered that cardigans and long boots are going to be my best friends in doing so! Just out of curiousity, does anyone else find the photo-taking the most intimidating part of the whole challenge?? I'm so much more comfortable behind the camera than in front. Tricky to be a sewing blogger without having pics of yourself, though... I guess it's just a case of telling myself to "suck it up, princess", as necessary!

I was a bit late in signing up to the Flickr group (ie: only remembered an hour ago), but will upload photos as soon as I'm able. My only experience of Flickr so far was with the Sew For Victory sewalong, and even then I only joined a day or two before the end. I'm planning to be a bit more "community minded" this time around, now that I've realised that's what it's actually about.

Now, off to find something me-made that works for a slobbing around the house kind of day. I think I've discovered a "wardrobe hole" right there! Must add some tracky dacks into the project pile...

How goes Me Made May for you so far? Have you discovered any new ways to wear your own makes yet?

Have a wonderful week :)

Danielle oxo


  1. Love this skirt - so glad you are getting wear out of it. And the refashioned dress DOES have adorable fabric - glad it got resurrected.
    As to my own MMM, I'll be posting round-ups on Mondays but am adding photos to the Flickr group on the day itself.

  2. The daily Flickr photo is a good idea - I'm going to try and be organised enough to do that too I think. Once I've caught up, that is...

  3. I love that dress. I think it takes talent to see something not-so-great and envision what could be (and then make it happen!) Very cool.

  4. Love your outfits and your refashions are great! This is something I'd like to start, but I really struggle to see the potential in things. You make it look so easy!

    And yes, this *is* fun!

    1. Have a go! If you can sew, you can refashion :) Pinterest has lots of refashion ideas - very helpful for inspiration. I'm sure you'd be great at it! oxo