Friday, May 10, 2013

Me Made May 2013 - Week Two

Hello again! Time for another MMM round up. We're still in the early stages so it hasn't been too hard to find things to wear yet. Plus the weather has been very kind this week given that most of me Me Mades are summery. And only one panic sew so far! Not too shabby :) Here 'tis:

Day 4:

My much-loved Beatnik! It was slightly too warm a day, but it's about the only comfy, around-the-house item I've made so far. Obviously this needs to be addressed....
Everything else: RTW.

Day 5:

Refashioned blouse. (This was the panic sew the night before.) I'll blog this soon, but will say here that this is a new favourite! I needed something that would go from church to wandering through the waterfront markets  (I took flats with me...) to an art exhibition/fundraiser. That was a tricky call even for my regular wardrobe! Warranted the panic sew, I felt... And, it's the first of the four queued projects I pledged to do during MMM, hurrah!
Everything else: RTW.

Day 6:

 My refashioned Go-To Dress, worn here as a shirt.
Belt: secondhand
Everything else: RTW. I haven't tried this outfit before, but I like it actually. I don't wear the skirt (stretchy knit fabric) much, because it's a bit clingier around the rear than I really like, but having extra fabric tucked in underneath seemed to help. It's an outfit discovery I wouldn't have made without MMM prompting!

Day 7:

Ponte leggings (not yet blogged) - the second of the four MMM projects. Not very exciting in photographic terms, but I LOVE THEM! Cakiest of cake garments :) They're Style Arc's Wallis pattern.
Shirt: secondhand.
Everything else: RTW.  Nearly forgot to take a photo today - hence the sunset sky in the background!

Day 8:

First repeat: refashioned blouse. Happily, the weather's having one last attempt to pretend it's summer.
Everything else: RTW.

Day 9:

Refashioned Sari Dress. Yup, very summery today! It's actually really hard to photograph this dress outside, because it's so light it catches every hint of breeze. (There were some very odd looking photos in this lot ;) )

Day 10:

I made this short jacket a few years ago, after I saw and loved a similar one in a shop, but didn't have a spare $179 (!). I found the same fabric, a Missoni knit, in the very upmarket and frankly intimidating local shop that I rarely go into, and I modified an old pattern of my mum's. I found out later it was the pattern she used for her honeymoon going away outfit, which I just love.

I'm happy with this week overall. A couple of new projects completed, a new outfit discovered, and a great deal of satisfaction in wearing my own makes. The most pressing need (apart from rain to make outfit green up again) is definitely for comfortable home wear, which I need to address soon. Otherwise you're going to be seeing an awful lot of my Beatnik jumper on the weekends and non-work days!

How is your MMM travelling? Any new outfit combinations discovered? Or panic sewing??

Have a wonderful week :)

Danielle oxo


  1. Great outfits, Danielle! I love all of these, particularly your denim (?) dress/shirt with the knit skirt!

    I'm loving MMM for lots of reasons, but it's interesting how it highlights the gaps in our homemade wardrobe!

    And what a sunset! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I'm really enjoying putting outfits together - much more than I usually do. Mind you, I don't usually put as much thought into what I wear!
      The sunset was a happy accident - I only noticed it after the photo was taken :)

  2. I love your short jacket - such a pretty colour! I'm getting on ok but have also seen gaps highlighted and hav started taking steps to fill them.

    1. Thanks, Claire! I think MMM is going to be responsible for any number of altered sewing plans...