Saturday, May 18, 2013

Me Made May 2013 - Week Three

Well, it's the end of another Me Made week, and it's been a little more challenging this time. We seem to have bypassed autumn completely in this corner of the world, as you'll see from the round up here. So it's been a case of trying to make summery clothes work for winter - some more successfully than others!

Here 'tis:

Day 11:

Refashioned shirt. Same as Day 5. but worn open necked and without bow. This may be the most versatile thing I've made/refashioned! During the day it was great for visiting playgrounds and the waterfront with the boys, and for the evening (seeing the last performance of The King & I) I buttoned it up, used the bow and wore it tucked into a black skirt with tights, heels and cardi. Oh, how I love multitaskers!
Everything else: RTW.
Today was the last of the summer weather...

Day 12:

More Style Arc ponte pants! I loved the last pair so much I couldn't help making one more. The colour's not great in the photo, but these are a dark pinkish burgundy. Who knew it was possible to have a garment as comfy as PJs that you can wear in public?!
Cardigan: secondhand.
Everything else: RTW

Day 13:

My third Ginger skirt. (not yet blogged). Hard to tell here (very late afternoon photo), but the fabric's a navy, red and yellow stripe. Worn with jacket and scarf most of the day.
Everything else: RTW.

Day 14:

The first pair of ponte pants making a reappearance. It simply doesn't get any more "cake" than this!
Everything else: RTW.
Nearly forgot photo today...

Day 15:

A bit experimental this, and I wasn't entirely sure about it - my sari dress, with many additional layers! I think I can just get away with this because the colour's quite autumnal. Being such a light silk though, it tends to catch every hint of breeze, and so I spent most of the day guarding against sudden gusts of wind. Not so fun.
Everything else: RTW.
(Oh, and if you look closely you can just see the kangaroo that was grazing out the back - right hand side, about the level of my elbow.)

Day 16: (and a wet, cold, miserable one at that)

My first Ginger skirt. I think this is a more successful outfit. It didn't need constant adjusting throughout the day, anyhow!
Everything else: RTW

Day 17:

Style Arc (yes, again!) Leah trousers.
Everything else: RTW.
Nearly forgot photo again...

Just past the halfway point of MMM, and I think scarves and long boots are my saving graces at the moment! Really need to make some cold weather clothing. Plus, I think I need to rearrange my queue of projects. And I'm really feeling the lack of comfy at-home wear. I must make friends with knits immediately.

How goes it for you? Has MMM changed your sewing plans at all?

Have a wonderful week,

Danielle oxo


  1. I like the sound of "making friends with knits". MMM has me realising the same.

    I love all your outfits and I think the sari dress definitely works, in terms of colours.

    And I thought Scotland was the only place where you would wear sandals and knee high boots in the same week... :)

  2. No, we here in Victoria share that dubious honour!